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Meigan is the Receptionist for Realty ONE Group Unlimited. Meigan has strong experience in customer service, business settings and client relationship management.





Mechanical Keyboard: I actually really like typing! My highest WPM was 91! I also am very interested in building my own keyboard.

Fake Plant: I love plants but am very poor at keeping them alive.

Cat Toy: I know this cat toy looks gross but my cat has had it since she was adopted. It’s her favorite toy - and she is my favorite companion!

Blue Tea Cup: I actually made that! Pottery is one of my many passions and throwing on the wheel is so much fun,

Crochet Hook: I recently started to crochet and have had so much fun doing it.

Pen: I am a huge fan of stationery and very particular about the pens I use.

Spirited Away Tea Cup: I chose this tea cup because I love Studio Ghibli movies! I’ve seen almost all of them.

Book: I love reading and one of my favorite authors is Haurki Murakami.

Pin: It’s hard to see but this pin is from the Grand Canyon which I visited back in 2019!

Paintbrush: I love painting. I have tried watercolor, acrylic, and oil paint. My favorite being oil paint.