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Jess is the Title Processor for ONE Abstract, the in-house title agency of Realty ONE Group Unlimited. She is responsible for the 'behind-the-scenes' of the title company, including conversing with agents, both listing and selling, and their clients to retrieve necessary information, such as previous mortgage payoffs and final utilities, to be able to get to the settlement table efficiently! Jess has her Juris Doctor from the Florida Coastal School of Law and is a Licensed Title Agent, and Notary in the State of Pennsylvania.





  1. Tie Dye Eagles Hat: I’m a colorful human being and I strive to brighten other’s days, plus, I’m a PHILLY FAN, you know how passionate we are, need I say more?
  2. Coffee: I great cup of coffee can make or break your day!
  3. Dirty Jack Wine: I love Jalapeño infused wine because I can be sweet and spicy depending on the day! Really, I love all sweet wines because yes, I’m basic!
  4. Stephen King Novel: I’m a lover of reading and all books, but there is just something about Stephen King that makes me keep coming back for more! Who doesn’t like to be scared?
  5. Penn State Hat: WE ARE!!!!
  6. Field Hockey Ball: I have been playing field hockey for over 20 years now and you can’t stop me! Plus, one of these branded my face and I have the BA scar to prove it 
  7. Fulton Theater Ticket: I love to write my own music and sing. I dreamed of being on Broadway one day! Come to find out, the acoustics in the bathroom make anyone sound like a good singer HAHAHA
  8. Notebook: I’m a writer in my spare time where I write lyrics, poetry, and I have even started writing a novel. There is just something about putting pen to paper that’s therapeutic!
  9. Running Sneaker: A good run can take your mind off all of the stress in a day! I ran a marathon and lived to talk about it because who in their right mind chooses to run 26.2 miles for fun? Check that one off the bucket list!