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Emily is the Franchise Coordinator and Communications Manager for Realty ONE Group Mid Atlantic. She has strong experience in project management, social media management, accounts payable, cash handling, leadership, business settings and organizational positions.

Emily is a graduate of University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelors Degree in Supply Chain Management and Marketing. Emily brings a unique and innovative perspective to the Realty ONE Group Mid Atlantic marketing team, giving our team and owners the tools to become the industry’s only lifestyle brand!





Tennessee Mug: My family owns a cabin in Sevierville, TN - it's my favorite place to be!

Pitt Sweatshirt: I'm a graduate from Pitt and love the city... H2P

Deck of Cards: Game nights are my thing. Sequence and Phase 10 are my favs!

Sunglasses: I love summer days out on the boat - sunny and 90

Voting Sticker: Something important to me.. always make sure you get out and vote.

Penguins Puck: I'm a HUGE Penguins hockey fan... Sidney Crosby is the G.O.A.T

Jack Daniels: Nothing hits quite like Jack & Coke!

Airpods: Honestly, I'm never not listening to music

Chick-Fil-A Sauce: I'm obsessed! I even have a secret stash in my desk drawer.

Dolly Parton Album: My girl! I love her story and personality - plus Jolene is a classsssic.