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Agent Operations

I was born and raised in Lancaster County and currently reside in Millersville with my husband and two children. I enjoy spending my free time with my family. We love being outside all year round and enjoy hiking, swimming, playing sports, and seeing new places. I also personally enjoy crafting and cooking/grilling. In 2017, I made a career change from healthcare to real estate and it's been more than I could have ever imagined. I love helping agents to the best of my ability as well as educating clients about real estate. I am very detailed orientated, organized, task driven, and tech savvy which will allow me to help guide, train, and assist agents/teams here at ROGU with their specific needs. 





1. Yarn/crochet hook- I love crafting and learning new things. I picked up on crocheting a few years ago and more recently am learning Macrame.
2. Penn State Coaster- My family are all sports lovers and we are huge Penn State fans.
3. OBX hat/seashell- My husband and I lived in NC for 4 years while he served in the Marine Corps. A huge part of our heart remained with NC and we love the beach.
4. Paint Brush- This represents the creative/ crafty part of me.
5. Tea cup- I like collecting unique dishware and have a small collection of teapots and bottles from different places I have lived.
6. Mini cast iron skillet- I love food. Period. I also love cooking/grilling.
7. Rock- My family loves the outdoors. From hiking and kayaking to four-wheeling to snowboarding and sledding.
8. Picture of me and my husband/chevron- My husband is a veteran and served 8 years in the USMC. He is my better half and he spent the first half of our marriage serving our country. I am so grateful for him and am proud to be his wife.
9. Picture of my children/AlexandAni bracelet - As parents, our priority is our children. We cherish them so much and love seeing the little humans they are becoming.
10. Indoor plant- I also enjoy gardening and love indoor plants